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The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines

Title: The Vincent Brothers
Author: Abbi Glines
Pages: 279
Published: Simon Pulse 2012

On the Back ~

Getting a boy to fall head-over-heels in love with you isn't easy.  Especially when he's been in love with your cousin for as long as you can remember.

Sawyer's heart is broken.  He's lost his best girl to his best friend and he can't bear seeing Ashton wrapped in Beau's arms.  Then Ashton's cousin Lana comes to town for the summer.  Lana's always been sweet and soft-spoken, but she's also become drop-dead gorgeous.  Sawyer can't help but give in to his desire for Lana, and try to forget the past.

Lana has lived her life in her cousin's shadow.  Ashton always made perfect grades, had tons of friends, and looked model-perfect.  But none of that would have mattered if Ashton hadn't always had Sawyer Vincent - the only boy Lana's ever wanted.  Now that Ashton has let Sawyer go, Lana is determined to make Sawyer finally see her.  But Sawyer is still in love with Ashton, and Lana isn't going to be anyone's rebound girl.  No matter how delicious Sawyer's kissess taste.

What starts as an innocent fling becomes a lusty game of seduction.  Sawyer and Lana may have different motives, but their scintillating hookups are too steamy to stop...

So, What did I think?

OMG!  Ok.  In the first book, I really despised Sawyer.  He was a jerk to put it nicely.  And at the end of the first book, I thought he had truly given up and let Beau have Ashton.  What can I say though?  The Vincent boys are just too desirable to hate.  Sawyer redeems himself by the end of this book and I am happy.  I  am still a huge fan of Beau because well...he's a Vincent boy..and hot and a bad boy, but Sawyer is loving and genuinely cares about Lana. Fighting to get over his habitual behaviors toward Ashton, he pushes Lana away, not meaning to.  I ached for both Lana and Sawyer as they figured out their emotions and dealt with change. 

Abbi Glines does it again with The Vincent Brothers!  I can't wait to read more of her books.  I was kind of disappointed that there won't be another Vincent boys book, but I will manage :)

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