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The Ethics of Vampire Hunting by Lonnie Henderson II

Title:The Ethics of Vampire Hunting
Author: Lonnie Henderson II
Pages: 219
Published: Self published 2011

On the Back~

Joseph Silvercrest just wanted to hunt vampires as a child.  When he graduated high school, he was fortunate enough to not only be accepted to the Nocturnal School of Vampirism Remedy, the only vampire hunting academy in America, but also to be placed under the tutelage of his idol, Headmaster Richard Ganley, a former hunter himself.  Things are quickly complicated when he falls in love with rebellious and plus-sized Veronica Lewis and then is pursed by hip, athletic newcomer Sarah Black.  In addition to that bizarre love triangle, he must also contend with hunting vampires, having his life in constant danger, and protecting those closest to him.

The first book in the new series Nocturnal School of Vampirism Remedy by aspiring author Lonnie Henderson II, The Ethic of Vampire Hunting takes you on an amazing adventure alongside Joseph, Veronica, and a brand new cast of characters as they try to rid the world of the year 2090 once and for all of the vampire menace.

So, What did I think?

I received this book from Lonnie himself.  He is a co-worker of mine.  I was shocked to have learned that he writes books and was happy that he would let me read it and review it for him on my blog.  

So, in all honesty, this is a good book.  I feel that it could have used more detail and maybe a little understanding about what was going on outside the academy.  I had a hard time wrapping my head around the outside world and how they were surviving the vampire epidemic while those inside the academy were protected by the walls and guards. To me, it seems like the rest of America would be struggling to survive.  I do, however, love the idea of the academy for vampire hunters.  It's sort of Harry Potterish, with the wizard academy.  

I also had a little difficulty visualizing Joseph in my mind because there was no description of him.  What he looked like or what his family was like would have been a good way to get more involved in the character.  I'm a very "emotions" based reader and love to feel like I can visualize characters, places, and plots.  

I enjoyed this book, however, I hope that the sequel will help elaborate on Joseph more and maybe add a sense of emotion to the book. 

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